STRADD     The Indie Shop Search App for iPhone & iPad  


STRADD iPhone & iPad App
The Indie Shop Search App
for iPhone & iPad +


All hail the individual shopkeeper, passionate about sourcing original wares to excite their shopping constituency, keeping the local economy strong and maintaining a stand against the bland homogeny of the large corporations taking over the retail landscape +


But who or what is there to support them in their mission to keep our towns & cities interesting and unique? Step forward the brand new iPhone & iPad must- have called STRADD, the indie shop search App, for tracking down independent stores & boutiques +


Stradd App Available on the App StoreIf you have an iPhone or iPad, the chances are that you appreciate great design and prefer dealing with independent-minded companies, rather than dull design and large corporations + STRADD, the indie shop search App, helps you locate key independent shops & boutiques with a design-edge near your location +


Perfect for when you’re visiting a new town or city (or for discovering local stores you may not have found yet), open up STRADD on your iPhone or iPad and the app will locate the best independent stores near your location +


Many of the stores selected to be featured in the STRADD App are offering a discount or voucher, exclusively available to STRADD App users +


Ever visited Brighton and didn’t check out the North Laines area? Perhaps you’ve hit San Francisco in the past and saw only the streets every other tourist has seen without browsing the unique Haight Ashbury area? Gone from one end of iconic Carnaby Street to the other without browsing the indie boutiques tucked away in the narrow streets behind? An added benefit of hunting out indie stores is that they’re normally always situated in the same area as the great cafes, bars and restaurants, so use the STRADD App to discover more interesting and unique cultural quarters when visiting a town or city and get off the well-beaten tourist track +


STRADD doesn’t list large mall shops, high-street chains, mono-brand flagships or department stores; only independent shops owned and run by individual proprietors with a keen design eye who stock exciting and fresh labels +++

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